Saturday, March 12, 2011

Richard III: Act 5, Scene 3


what a spring break it's been. we've been to Alabama, Tennessee, and New Jersey in one week. we bought a car. Sean and i both had (and still kind of have) a stomach flu. AND we got engaged. amongst a million other amazing things. i think i'm still in shock. i'm not sure i can process everything. right now we are attempting a 19-hour drive back to Orlando all in one trip. it's weird to think about returning to 'real life', but i've got to start somewhere, so here we go...

act 5, scene 3
this scene is kind of a split-screen scene, with Richard and his posse on one side and Richmond and his crew on the other side. they both arrive at the battlefield the day before the battle is to begin, and set up camp. Stanley visits Richmond and vows to help him as best he can without giving himself away. Richard and Richmond go to sleep, and are met by the ghosts of the people Richard has killed. there are 11 visitors in all, all of whom wish failure upon Richard and victory upon Richmond. Richard wakes up completely freaked out (see quote below), and Richmond wakes feeling refreshed and optimistic. they give their speeches to their soldiers, Richard talking smack as usual. Richard also learns that Stanley has openly switched to Richmond's side, and orders Stanley's son's head cut off as soon as the battle is over.

i am loving watching Richard unravel. he used to seem so collected. crazy? yes. but completely in control. that's how he got away with everything, and what made him so deliciously evil. now he is totally losing it, and it is SO fun to watch. i never realized how repetitive the dream sequence is. i wonder how that plays. boring? anyone care to share?

so Stanley goes from saying he's going to help Richmond in a super-stealthy way to deciding to outright switching sides? what's going on there? is he just that confident that Richmond will win that he's willing to take the risk? i mean, his son's life is a pretty big risk to take. is it a further tactic to rattle Richard? what's going on?

only 2 scenes left! i can't wait to watch Richard go down!

quote of the day:
'what do i fear? myself? there's none else by.
Richard loves Richard; that is, i am i.
is there a murderer here? no. yes, i am.
then fly. what, from myself? great reason why:
lest i revenge. what, myself upon myself?
alack, i love myself. wherefore? for any good
that i myself have done unto myself?
o, no! alas, i rather hate myself
for hateful deeds committed by myself!
i am a villain. yet i lie, i am not.'
-Richard; act 5, scene 3

for tomorrow: act 5, scenes 4 & 5

-rebecca may

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  1. I love when Shakespeare has ghosts appear to people.

    Also loving the intimacy of the internal conflict in the Quote of the Day.