Sunday, March 6, 2011

Richard III: Act 3, Scene 7


Epic Spring Break Trip of 2011 Day 2!!! having a wonderful, relaxing day in Alabama with my family. i;m not used to everything being so leisurely. it's fantastic! looking forward to a movie tonight and some home-cooked enchiladas (i hope), and lots of play time with the baby! wahoo!

on the Shakespeare side of life, i think i am more and more shocked with every scene. is there any awful thing he is not capable of? i'm not sure. check it out:

act 3, scene 7
(see the quote below. it's cray cray!)
Buckingham tells Richard all the lies he told the public in order to get them to back Richard as king. instead of immediately crying, 'God save King Richard!' however, they all just stood there and said nothing. thus, Buckingham and Richard plot further. Richard goes to 'pray' with some clergymen and Buckingham receives the Mayor and some citizens. Richard plays the part of a holy man, reluctant to take the throne. Buckingham 'convinces' him to take the throne. the two play their parts so well that the Mayor and citizens are completely conned, and must have Richard as king. eventually, Richard 'gives in' and agrees to be crowned the next day.

i have one big question. is Buckingham just as evil as Richard? is that even possible? is he motivated by fear? desire to be appointed a role of power? true loyalty? or what? some combo? where does he/will he draw the line? i'm fascinated. he is going through so much to get the crown for Richard. now that Richard will  have it, what will become of Buckingham? he' the only true witness to Richard's misdeeds. will he be the next to go?

let's add to our list of Richard's dastardly deeds: he's killed Clarence, Hastings, Rivers, Grey, and Vaughan. he has made Edward out to be a cheating, greedy, lustful, power-hungry bastard. (which may or may not be true in full or part.) he tears Edward's kids' right to the throne away from them by having them proclaimed bastards. not sure about Clarence's kids? did i miss it? what will happen to Buckingham? Margaret? Elizabeth? Richard himself? can't wait to find out!

quote of the day:
'i did; with his contract with Lady Lucy
and his contract by deputy in France;
th' insatiate greediness of his desire
and his enforcement of the city wives;
his tyranny for trifles; his own bastardy,
as being got, your father then in France,
and his resemblance, being not like the Duke.
withal i did infer your lineaments,
being the right idea of your father
both in your form and nobleness of mind;
laid open all your victories in Scotland,
your discipline in war, wisdom in peace,
your bounty, virtue, fair humility;'
     -Buckingham; act 3, scene 5

for tomorrow:
act 4, scenes 1-3

-rebecca may

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