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Richard III: Act 3, Scenes 2-6


WE GOT A PRIUS!!!!!!!! And began our Epic Spring Break Road Trip of 2011. we are currently on our way to Alabama to see my amazing cousins. day one of the trip has offered us a new car, a guy openly peeing on the side of the road, serious life conversations, and more Shakespeare than I've had the chance to read all at once in at least a month! woohoo! so much happened it's ridiculous. you thought Richard was evil before? you don't even know. i've said this before, but this time i mean it: brace yourselves!!!

Here's the deal. While I'm on vacation, it's unrealistic to think I'll spend the hour or two to write this blog on top of the time to read. I didn't want to, but Sean convinced me it was okay to go easy. Instead of the abridged version I usually do, this week I'll just give highlights. Deal? Deal.

bring on the dastardly deeds:
act 3, scene 2- Stanley goes to Hastings for fear of Richard, but H isn't having it. Catesby tests the waters with Hastings to see if he'll be cool with having Richard as king. He's not. He loves him, but not as king. Hastings & Buckingham head to the Tower for a council meeting.

act 3, scene 3- Rivers, Grey, and Vaughan are paraded in on their way to their death. Their crime? Nothing of course. Just some crap invented by Richard.

act 3, scene 4- at the council meeting, Catesby tells Richard of Hastings' reluctance to have Richard as king, so Richard concocts this story about Elizabeth and witchcraft. Hastings defends her and is thus sentenced to death for treason. He definitely feels the fool.

act 3, scene 5- Richard gets Buckingham to start spreading the rumor that Edwards children are bastards, and therefore have no right to the throne. He also convinces the mayor to convince everyone else that Hastings deserved his execution. Next target: Clarence's kids. !!!

act 3, scene 6- ??? Not sure. It's a short passage, and I'm not sure what's going on. Can anyone help?

That Richard is some piece of work, huh? So far in this play he's killed: Clarence, Rivers, Grey, Vaughan, and Hastings. He's had a hand in Edwards death, just by stressing him out. Now he's trying to illegitimatize Edwards kids. Who is next?!! There's still half a play to go! It's insane! Of course, I think it's so insane, and yet I can only imagine the things politicians get away with now. I don't think I will open that can of worms personally, but it sure is something to think about.

i need help. i often run into confusing passages, have thematic questions, or desperately want other peoples opinions. if you know anyone who might be willing and/or able to help by commenting and answering/suggesting/sharing, please tell them about this blog! i would love more dialogue to occur here! thanks, and as always thanks for reading!

quote of the day:
re: Hastings not thinking he has anything to worry about with Richard
'the lords at Pomfret, when they rode from London,
were jocund and supposed their states were sure,
and they indeed had no cause to mistrust;
but yet you see how soon the day o'ercast.
this sudden stab of rancor i misdoubt.
pray God, i say, i prove a needless coward!'

For tomorrow: act 3, scenes 5-7

-Rebecca may, true king of England

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