Wednesday, March 16, 2011


okay. here's the deal. my goal in writing this blog is 3-fold:
1. i hoped it would force me to actually read and think about what i'm reading... check!
2. i hoped to get people interested in reading Shakespeare or to bring up questions that might get people thinking, etc... half check? maybe used to be a half check?
3. i hoped it would start a conversation, and that people who were interested in or were knowledgeable about certain plays would share that knowledge. or would raise more questions... no check.

what can i do? how can i move toward accomplishing those goals.

should i cut the section where i talk about what happened? or is that helpful? if i keep it, is the dialogue version more fun, or should i just briefly sum it up?

should i just pose questions and give my opinions and that's it, or make it more personal?

what do you think? what do you want to read? how can i make this blog what you will want to read? any input would be great! without parts 2 and 3, i just feel like i'm posting to post. and i hate that.


-rebecca may


  1. I just wish I could keep up with your reading schedule! I seriously don't know how you find the time to do it! <3

  2. Rebecca, can you recommend a good, free website for reading Shakespeare's plays on-line?

  3. You are keeping me enthused about my own Relatively Sane, Comparatively Speaking, Shakespeare Project. (I used to call it the Crazy Shakespeare Project and then I found your blog.) I think the synopses are good since hardly anyone who's not currently reading the play will know what happens in a particular scene, but a brief refresher provides useful context.

  4. susan, check out,, or you can read them as an e-book through our library at ucf.

    so you think a quick little write-up about what's going on and skip the dialogue? that was fun for awhile, but it takes forever and it feels like it's getting old.

    thanks for the input!

  5. There's also an app you can download for your ipod/iphone that has all of his plays, including Double Falsehood. It's free!