Monday, April 4, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 2, Scene 1 - Part 2


it's another great day in Shakespeare land! i am very proud of myself for getting this finished already on top of class, coaching, and solidifying my thesis committee! wahoo! productive day! now i just need to get through the rest of class, one more coaching session, rehearsal, and writing a paper, and it will be time for sleep! mmm... sleep...

i was able to get through the rest of the scene with little trouble. so here it is, the end of act 2, scene 1:

Berowne and Rosaline flirt. it's pretty sassy. Dumaine asks Boyet about Katharine, Longaville asks Boyet about Maria, and Berowne asks Boyet about Rosaline. Berowne is quite the joker they say. Boyet tries to put the moves on Katharine, but she of course is not having it at all. (see quote below.) then Boyet drops the bomb: he tells the princess that he believes the king is in love with her. the princess is in disbelief. Boyet continues to try to be a smooth-talker, but the ladies shut him down and leave him in the dust.

and that's basically it!

oh poor annoying Boyet. does he play as annoying as he reads? but like... enjoyably annoying? i would love to know!

it is hard for me to distinguish differences in character between the group of Lords and the group of Ladies. i feel like Berowne and Rosaline stick out because they're sassy and funny, but the others are not clear to me now. are they just like that, or is it hard to tell just from reading it? anyone care to share some insight on these Lords and Ladies?

quote of the day:
Boyet: 'and wherefore not ships?
no sheep, sweet lamb, unless we feed on your lips.'
Katharine: 'you sheep, and i pasture. shall that finish the jest?'

for tomorrow: act 3!

thanks for reading!

-rebecca may

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