Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 176-310


well, i didn't get as much read today as i wanted because the dance concert opened tonight so things were a little busy! i also got the chance to read Veronica's Room, which i will be assistant directing this summer with the wonderful Julia Listengarten. it's going to be tons of fun! AND i turned in my first directing reel. EEP! anyway, i didn't get as much read as i wanted, but i did read a decent amount, so i'm not going to beat myself up about it. right? right!

act 5, scene 3 part 2
Rosaline, pretending to be the Princess, asks Boyet to ask the 'strangers' (aka the King and Lords) what they are doing there. they answer that they have good intentions and have travelled a long way to visit them, to which Rosaline responds with wit and quips right and left. music plays, and they try to get the Princess and Ladies to dance, but they refuse. she offers her hand, he thinks to dance, but she says it is so they may part as friends. the King finally convinces Rosaline, disguised as the Princess, to step aside and talk to him. Berowne does the same to the Princess, disguised as Rosaline, and so on for the next 2 couples. as soon as they are all privately talking, Rosaline calls the ladies off and tells the men to leave. they do, and the women unmask themselves. they pick fun at the men until Boyet informs them that the men are on their way back out of their disguises. Rosaline suggests that they continue to play a game with them (see quote below), and the men re-enter.

the repetition is no longer fun for me. earlier in the play, when the Lords were confessing their love one by one and then hiding, not knowing that the others had come before them and done the exact same thing? now that was funny. i loved it. this time, i'm just like- alright already, let's move on with it! we keep seeing the same thing over and over again. we always have to go through all four people (or couples) one by one. and they all do almost the exact same thing. was this a common device during that time period? it sure isn't now. maybe it's just what i'm used to, but i am really struggling to stay engaged.

holy Beatrice, Batman! Rosaline is SO the seed for Beatrice right now. i kind of feel like Beatrice came out of the Princess and Rosaline. it's just making me wish i was reading Much Ado About Nothing instead of this! i'm still waiting for someone to defend this play, because i would love to know what i'm missing! but so far, everyone i've talked to on the blog, facebook, and in real life feels kind of the same way i do. so if you like this one, please let me know how and why!

quote of the day:
'good madam, if by me you'll be advised,
let's mock them still, as well known as disguised.
let us complain to them what fools were here,
disguised like Muscovites in shapeless gear,
and wonder what they were, and to what end
their shallow shows and prologue vilely penned,
and their rough carriage so ridiculous,
should be presented at our tent to us.'

for tomorrow: as much as i can! i need to wrap this thing up!

-rebecca may

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