Friday, April 22, 2011

The Two Gentleman of Verona Act 2, Scenes 1 and 2


what a day! first of all, i had a day of from rehearsal for a little artistic brain rest. that's good. it was Earth Day! yay! so we got to learn about all the pertinent programs on campus so i can get more involved in the green way of life. AND we got to make tie dyed shirts, eat hummus and veggies, and pot a plant to take home- all for free! then i had the last day of one of my classes wahoo! and THEN i got to go to Tenabrae with Sean and see my mama! i might have a sunburn, but it was basically a super stellar day. and then i got to read a couple more scenes that were really enjoyable! lucky me? i think so.

act 2, scene 1
Speed and Valentine are hanging out in Milan, and Speed is poking fun at Valentine about Sylvia. even though Valentine railed against Proteus for being in love with Julia, Valentine has now fallen in love himself. Valentine asks Speed how he knows that he is in love with Sylvia, and Speed basically tells him that it's REALLY obvious. they argue the degree of her beauty (see quote below) and Valentine shares that the previous night he helped Sylvia wrote a love letter to her secret love. he has finished it to give to her, so she can send it to the one she loves. Sylvia enters and gives her the finished letter to deliver. he tries to get it out of her who it's for, but she won't tell. she gives him back the letter because she perceives that he wrote it 'unwillingly'. he is confused, and she gives him the runaround about why he should keep the letter. when she exits, Speed explains to Valentine that it was all a very clever trick: Sylvia wanted to write a love letter to Valentine, so got him to write it himself and deliver it to himself.

act 2, scene 2
Proteus and Julia are saying their final goodbyes back in Verona before he sails for Milan. he promises to return to her, and they exchange rings to seal the deal. she also gives him a kiss. wahoo. he tells her he must go because his father is waiting for him and he doesn't want to see her cry because it will take even longer to leave. she leaves without a word, and Proteus heads to Milan.

this play is so fun and clever. why isn't it produced more? i can't figure it out. it seems pretty darn accessible too. i could see teenagers being into this one. fickle and confusing love? come on, that's teenageville right there. of course, i've only read the first act and a half, so maybe i should hold my commentary, but so far so good. funfunfun!

oh i LOVE that little business between Valentine and Sylvia! so cute. now why didn't I ever think of that?

what's the deal with Julia walking away from Proteus without even saying anything to him? was she overcome with emotion? angry at him for being such a pansy? what is it? i am also unclear as to why Proteus feels he must hide his love from his father. did i miss something there? and a kiss! woohoo. risque!

quote of the day:
Speed: if you love her, you cannot see her.
Valentine: why?
Speed: because Love is blind. o, that you had mine eyes, or your own eyes had the lights they were wont to have when you chid at Sir Proteus for going ungartered!
   -act 2, scene 1

for tomorrow: act 2, scenes 3 and 4

-rebecca may

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