Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 3, Scene 1 Continued


well, I was going to re-read act 3, scene 1 today and then read act 4, scene 1 but... just re-reading turned out to be work enough so i am just going to focus on that today. it was a lot more clear this time, but i still feel that i am struggling a bit.

here's what i got out of this scene:
Armado wants to win the love with Jaquenetta, and in talking about it with Mote, both become confused and run word circles around each other. Armado confesses that he is in love with her and out of sorts because he can't have her (see yesterday's quote), and wants Costard to deliver a message to her for him. Mote goes to get Costard and reappears 2.5 seconds later with him. Costard doesn't understand what the heck Armado is talking about, which launches Mote and Armado into another long string of wordplay. eventually, it comes out that Armado wants Costard to deliver a letter. he gives him money ("remuneration") as payment for his trouble, which Costard is very excited by. Costard thinks that that amount of money is called 'remuneration' and is talking to himself about learning this new word when Berowne enters. Berowne wants Costard to deliver a letter to Rosaline for him, and also pays him to do so. so now Costard has been paid to deliver two different messages to two different people in the same afternoon. he goes, and Berowne bemoans his present condition: that of a man plagued with love sickness.

better, right? sometimes i kinda get the hang of it.

here's the thing... i want to get the most i can out of this experience, but i don't think i am right now. i want to comprehend, enjoy, and appreciate each to play as much and as far as possible. this one has got my head spinning. i would appreciate any insight, thoughts, comments, experience, etc. that could help me or anyone else struggling with this play. when it's a little wordplay infused into the scene i am there with it, but when the play goes off on page or pages-long tangents, i am totally lost.

so... anyone...?

for tomorrow: act 4, scene 1

-rebecca may


  1. I read LLL 4 years ago and didn't enjoy the reading. Shortly afterward I saw it performed and it was a lot of fun. In live performance you don't get as tangled up in the wordplay. Maybe rent a DVD of a performance and finish reading afterward?

  2. i wonder if they cut out a lot of the really confusing stuff because there are some passages so filled with foreign language and/or outdated references that i find it hard to believe that even good actors could make it work now.
    thanks for the idea! i might try to pick up the Branagh version this weekend!