Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act 2, Scenes 5-7



ah! this play is so good! someone PLEASE explain to me why this play isn't done more often! it's fun and funny and you can read it without ripping your hair out because you have to check the footnotes every five minutes. i need to understand what the problem is here. some Hollywood people should make a modern version of this a la She's the Man or 10 Things I Hate About You. just sayin. if i was a screenwriter, i'd be all over this.

act 2, scene 5
Speed meets with Lance (and his dog Crab) on the streets of Milan. Speed welcomes Lance, but Lance says that there is no welcome til a man is welcomed at a tavern. Speed asks after Proteus and Julia, but Lance gives him the runaround on answers. Speed than asks Lance what he thinks of Valentine becoming a lover. again, Lance gives Speed indirect answers. finally Speed gives up and asks Lance to go with him to an alehouse to celebrate his arrival.

act 2, scene 6
Proteus is in the Duke's palace trying to figure out what to do about his secret love for Sylvia. (see quote below.) he knows he will lose Valentine and Julia in the process of pursuing Sylvia, but he will find both Sylvia and himself. he decides that he is okay with Julia being all but dead to him and Valentine being his enemy, as long as he can have his heart's desire. to make it work, he decides to tell the Duke about Valentine's plans with Sylvia so the Duke will banish Valentine. with Valentine out of the picture, he can work on getting rid of Thurio too.

act 2, scene 7
Julia begs Lucetta to help her figure out what to do. she wants to find a way to go to Proteus in Milan. Lucetta advises her not to go, but Julia won't hear it. Julia is on fire to be with him again, and she doesn't care how far she has to travel to be with him. Julia asks Lucetta to help her disguise herself as a boy so that she can make the journey. she worries what this choice will do for her reputation, but Lucetta tells her it won't matter if Proteus welcomes her with open arms. Julia goes on and on about how wonderful Proteus is, and she and Lucetta leave to gather up everything she will need for the trip and to look like a boy.

here's a question: in scene 5, does Lance know what's going on between Proteus and Sylvia? is that why he won't give Speed any straight answers? or is he just like that?

does Lucetta know that something is going on with Proteus? or does she just assume that there's no way he will be true to her while he's gone? or what?

i'm so sad for Valentine! he didn't even want to be in love in the first place, but couldn't help falling in love with Sylvia. then he gives his best friend a glowing recommendation to the Duke so that he can be with him at court, and then his best friend stabs him in the back. if Sylvia falls in love with Proteus too, i don't know what i will do with myself. the only way this is okay is if Julia and Valentine fall in love. i guess we'll have to see!

quote of the day:
'to leave my Julia shall i be forsworn;
to love fair Sylvia shall i be forsworn;
to wrong my friend i shall be much forsworn.
and ev'n that power which gave me first my oath
provokes me to this threefold perjury.'
   -Proteus; act 2, scene 6

for tomorrow: act 3, scene 1, lines 1-187

-rebecca may

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  1. I love this play too! So fun! Let's put it on!