Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Two Gentlemen of Verona Act 1, Scene 2 and 3


well, the good news is that i like this play. it's fun! other good news: Sean loves me, it's only 2 1/2 weks til our 3rd anniversary, in one week i will be done with the term, and tomorrow is Earth Day! in not so good news: i'm having some artistic frustration, i have much more than a week's worth of work to do in the next week, i had a wicked pressure-filled day, i have NO money, and i only got an hour's sleep last night. i'm not trying to complain. i'm just trying to explain why i'm going to write the rest of this blog entry tomorrow morning. don't judge me!

act 1, scene 2
Julia asks her waiting-woman for some advice on love, and to tell her who she thinks is Julia's worthiest suitor. they go through each of the men who are interested in her, stopping at Proteus, when Lucetta has a particularly strong reaction to his name. Lucetta tells Julia that if she thinks Proteus' love is true, she should go for him. Julia doubts his love, but Lucetta backs him up. (see quote below.) Lucetta gives Julia Proteus' letter. apparently she actually intercepted Speed on his way to Julia and took the letter for Julia. Julia gives the letter back to Lucetta, saying she doesn't want it. Lucetta leaves, and Julia regrets that she doesn't have the letter. Lucetta re-enters and the game of 'Julia pretending she doesn't care but she really does' ensues. eventually she rips up the letter. Lucetta leaves, and Julia regrets that she tore up the letter. she is VERY dramatic. Lucetta enters again to announce dinner, gathering the pieces.

act 1, scene 3
Antonio (Proteus' father) and his servant, Panthino, are talking about Proteus. PAnthino had been talking to Antonio's brother, who had  remarked that he was concerned that Proteus was staying home. he felt Proteus should be exploring the world or going to a university. Antonio agrees, but doesn't know what to do with him. Panthino suggests he send Proteus to Milan, where Valentine is. Antonio likes the idea, and the two of them make plans for Proteus to leave the next day. Proteus enters, reading a letter he has written to Julia. he hides the truth of what he is reading to his father, and Antonio insists that Proteus will leave the next day. Antonio and Panthino exit, and Proteus regrets that he wasn't honest with his father about the letter and his love for Julia.

quote of the day:
Julia: why, he of all the rest hath never moved me.
Lucetta: yet he of all the rest i think best loves thee.
Julia: his little speaking shows his love but small.
Lucetta: fire that's closest kept burns most of all.
   -act 1, scene 2

for tomorrow: act 2, scenes 1 and 2

-rebecca may

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