Thursday, April 7, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 4, Scene 1


hello there Shakespeare readers! i finally met Sean's step brother! we went to Old Town and spent some time with him and it was pretty great. i wasn't able to post the whole blog before we went, so here is the continuation!

act 4, scene 1
the princess, her Ladies, Boyet, and a forester are out in a park outside of Navarre. the hunt is on! the princess feels certain that her father's name will be cleared in a couple of days, and she will return to France. she is getting ready to hunt a deer when Costard enters. (see quote below.) Costard tells her he has a letter for Rosaline from Berowne, but gives her the one to Jaquenetta from Armado. the princess gives it to Boyet to read aloud, and they proceed to make fun of it and Armado. a really funny exchange happens between the princess and Costard, and the princess finally leaves, telling Rosaline not to be too upset that she didn't get her letter. then Boyet starts hitting on Rosaline, saying that if she marries Berowne she will surely make a cuckold of him. she shuts him down and leaves. then he starts hitting on Maria! and telling her she's loose! after they leave, Costard proclaims his need to deliver Armado's letter to Jaquenetta, which of course is actually Berowne's letter to Rosaline.

i was pleasantly surprised by this scene. i giggled a few times and genuinely enjoyed it. thank goodness! i think it was easier to follow and something actually happened so... that probably had a lot to do with it.

i feel like the princess is Regina George from Mean Girls or something. having them open the letter even though it's not for them? reading it aloud? making fun of it? GEEZ. and Boyet is super rude and pushy. he's pretty much a mean girl too.

i read this in the footnotes and found it interesting... Boyet calls Armado a 'Monarcho', which means 'an eccentric Italian at the Elizabethan court who fancied himself the emperor of the world.' fun and random. of course, i would never ever know that if i didn't have the footnotes in front of me. but i loved that little joke.

i wish i had more to say and more questions to pose, but this play hasn't really brought up a lot for me. i can't force it!

quote of the day:
Costard: 'God-i-good-e'en all! pray you, which is the head lady?'
Princess: 'thou shalt know her, fellow, by the rest that have no heads.'

hahaha i know that's silly. but it's hilarious!

for tomorrow: act 4, scene 2

-rebecca may

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