Sunday, April 17, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 712-END!


the end the endtheenddd!!! yay. time to move on, hopefully to plays i will enjoy more than this. i am still waiting for someone to defend this one to me. i am willing to hear it! speak now if you have some glorious revelation or strong opinion to share! alright, let's finish this!

act 5, scene 2 part...5?
during the festivities, a messenger enters with bad news: the Princess' father has died. Berowne calls off the play and the Princess announces that she will leave that night for home. the King begs her to stay, but she will not. the King finally convinces her that they have had sincere intentions all along. the Princess reveals that they had considered the whole thing a jest, and treated it as such. the Princess tells the King that she will not entertain his love until he spends a year as a hermit, with no women and festivities. he agrees. the Lords also agree in turn, and offer to take them home. (see quote below.) Armado enters, revealing that he has decided to man up and take care of Jaquenetta. the play ends with a song of spring and a song of winter.

well! the ending was just as surprising to me as the rest of the play. everything wrapped up so quickly! and the very end was quite strange. and, although i predicted they wouldn't all end up together at the end, i was still surprised when it actually happened. i was happy though that it seems like Armado and Jaquenetta end up together. i mean, he's going to farm for 3 years, but they're together, right? if not, don't tell me!

i've decided that i don't think the girls were just playing hard to get the whole time. based on what i read in this scene, i feel like they thought the men weren't being serious about loving them. they thought the guys were just messing around, so they decided to mess around right back. i think their surprise was sincere when the King proclaimed that they had been sincere all along. that's why they need them to prove that they are serious with the one year oath. they need to know the men are legit. smart girls!

so what do you think about the four pairs of lovers? do the guys make it through the year? will they end up together?  could these fickle lovers ever make it that long? the last word of the title IS 'lost'. i think there's no way they will make it. what do you think?

quote of the day:
Berowne: our wooing doth not end like an old play;
                Jack hath not Jill. these ladies' courtesy
                might well have made our sport a comedy.
King: come, sir, it wants a twelvemonth and a day,
         and then 'twill end.
Berowne: that's too long for a play.


for tomorrow: sonnets 12-17!

-rebecca may


  1. I had forgotten how this ended. I was thinking it was yet another of many classical and Elizabethan comedies that close with a wedding, all loose ends tied by tying the knot, everyone happily matched up. It's kinda awesome that, after all of their diversion, the students are back to putting in their time. Not predictable after all, but it makes sense.

  2. yeah I thought that was pretty interesting too. Thanks Susan!