Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 485-711


almost finished! almost finished! almost finisheddddddd! only one section left after this! i have to say, i am dying to see how this all turns out, because i can't see how this can wrap up in the short section that's left. it's nuts! i thought so much more would 'happen' in this section, but as you will see shortly, not much did. check it out.

act 5, scene 2, part 4
Costard enters and asks if they can begin the play. the King is nervous that the play will make them look even more foolish, but the play goes on anyway because the Princess desires it. Costard performs his part as Pompey, flubbing a little and getting a lot of flack for it. (see quote below.) Nathaniel and Holofernes enter to perform their parts and get even worse heckling. Holofernes in particular is very upset with the way he is treated. finally, Armado enters to perform and gets the worst verbal beating of all. poor guy. we then learn that Jaquenetta is pregnant and unmarried! doomed! and supposedly it's Armado's? Armado and Costard are about to duel, but Armado wimps out last minute.

so... IS Jaquenetta's baby Armado's? or is it Costard's? i need to know!

holy guacamole. this play is so crazy. i feel like the plot zooms along for a few pages, then stops dead in its tracks, then zooms, then stops. just when i feel i've got a handle on it, some weird thing happens. like a play-within-a-play for instance. say whaaat? we have things to wrap up here, mr. Shakespeare! i need to know what is going down with Rosaline and Berowne!

this play reminds me of high school. there's cliques. in this play, there's the King and his Lords, the Princess and her Ladies, and Nathaniel and Holofernes. there's Armado and Costard too, but they're like the nerdy kids who just want to be friends with everyone, but they all hate them. and basically the cliques are filled with people that may seem charming and fun, but can be so extremely mean and awful. so much of this play is one group complaining about or being rude to or making fun of another group. it's insane. this is one of those plays that should be adapted into a teen movie, a la 10 Things I Hate About You or She's the Man. speaking of which... what a good excuse to watch those movies when i read the plays they are based on. sweeet.

quote of the day:
Costard: 'tis not so much worth; but i hope i was perfect. i made a little fault in "Great."
Berowne: my hat to a halfpenny Pompey proves the best Worthy.

for tomorrow: the rest of the play

-rebecca may

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