Friday, April 15, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 310-484


okay Shakespeare! the play picked up some today! thank goodness. it feels like all of the plot is happening in this scene. i will try to keep it succinct, but so much happened! let's get to it.

act 5, scene 2 Part 3
the King and Lords enter looking for the Princess and Ladies. Boyet gives them sass, but he goes to get them. when they enter, the men try so hard to be nice, but the girls just aren't having it. no matter what they say, the girls twist their words around and around. the King tells them that they are there to take them back to court, but the Princess responds that she doesn't want to make perjurers of them. the King apologizes that they were left all alone out there, and the Princess replies that they weren't alone. they were visited by a bunch of Russians. they girls jerk the guys around a little more before they ask the men which mask they were wearing. the King finally figures out that they've been caught, so he and the Lords decide to be honest. the girls make fun of them some more (see quote below). Berowne asks them to cut it out before they stop seeking their attention. they don't let it go of course, and Berowne gives up trying to talk to them. the Princess says that if they broke a promise once (their original oath to the King), they could break their promise to her and her Ladies. the men swear they would never, but the Ladies reveal that they had disguised themselves earlier, so the men whispered their promises to the wrong person. so technically, the men already lied to them. Berowne is extremely frustrated with the Ladies and seriously ticked off at Boyet for taking their side.

okay. what the heck is going on? what are the Princess and Ladies trying to accomplish? do they want to push the King and Lords so far that they give up on them? because that's what it's looking like. i've been assuming that all kinds of happily ever after would be occurring at the end of this play, but now i'm not completely sure. if i were those guys, i would ditch them for sure! they are playing games. HARD CORE. do the girls really think they're jerks, or are they just jaded and defensive? hm...

quote of the day:
'help, hold his brows! he'll swoon! why look you pale?
seasick, i think, coming from Muscovy.'

for tomorrow: through line 711

-rebecca may


  1. I think they're playing hard to get. Kinda like they want the men to know they can't just snap their fingers and have the women respond to their wishes. There is probably also an implication that they are more worthwhile once won.

  2. i see. they are playing REALLY hard to get. man oh man. too much. i think Berowne agrees. ;0)