Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 5, Scene 2, Lines 1-175


crazy days are here! i have to direct for 3 hours tonight, then there's dress rehearsal for dance concert, then i have to edit my directing reel, read for Avant-Garde class and finish this blog! ah! the next 2 weeks are going to be crazy, but then it's summertime!!! and i can push forward with my reading. let's face it, i've been going so slow this term. summer will be all kinds of Shakespeare madness! wahoo! alright, let's get to it.

act 5, scene 2 part 1
the Princess and her Ladies enter, bragging about all of the gifts they've received from the King and the Lords. the Princess received a jeweled brooch and a page crammed full of love poems. a lot of banter occurs between them, during which they poke fun at each other and the Lords. they all show what they've been given, and all have love letters too. after Maria shows the little pearl necklace and long letter she received, the Princess asks her if she wouldn't rather have a long necklace and a short letter. Boyet enters, laughing at the sights he has just seen. he witnessed the King and Lords planning to approach the girls in disguise. they've planned a masked party of sorts, and will woo the girls in their disguises. the Princess decides they should mess with the Lords. (see quote below.) she has all of the girls switch presents and wear them very obviously so the Lords will be confused about who is who. they put on their masks as the King and his whole posse enter. Mote attempts to give an introductory speech for them, but fails miserably and is sent away.

did Mote purposely screw up his speech? i'm not sure.

this is feeling mighty Much Ado About Nothing to me! masked ball? mistaken identities? tomfoolery? it looks like we're headed in that direction!

um i kinda love the Princess. she is super sassy and unruly. love it! i feel like she's kind of jaded too (reminds me a bit of Beatrice in Much Ado) so i i'm hoping this whole love thing works out for her! not, however, in love with Boyet. what's his deal? why is he such a jerk? is he just trying to get in good with the ladies? there's actually a lot of jerky characters in this play. Nathaniel and Holofernes are the jerkiest. Mote can be a jerk too, but i like him. Boyet needs to take a chill pill. he's never going to have any of those girls! fact. get over it, Boyet!

quote of the day:
'the effect of my intent is to cross theirs.
they do it but in mockery merriment,
and mock for mock is only my intent.
their several counsels they unbosom shall
to loves mistook, and so be mocked withal
upon the next occasion that we meet,
with visages displayed, to talk and greet.'
   -Princess; act 5, scene 2

for tomorrow: lines 176-391

-rebecca may

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