Monday, April 11, 2011

Love's Labor's Lost Act 4, Scene 3 Part 2


well well well. i got through this whole scene and pretty much understood everything. no passages filled with outdated references or plays on words so intricate i couldn't follow. it was awesome. and the play moved forward. it was a nice breath after being so frustrated for the past week! good times. let's go!

act 4, scene 3 part 2
Dumaine was just saying that he wished the other Lords and King were in love too so he wouldn't be alone when Longaville reveals himself to condemn Dumaine. the King reveals HIMself to say that Longaville is full of it and he is condemning them both. and then, of course, Berowne reveals himself to come down on all of them. he's really rubbing it in when Jaquenetta and Costard enter with Berowne's letter. Berowne tries to rip it up, but to no avail. Dumaine gathers the pieces, and the full truth is finally revealed. Berowne's excuse is: who wouldn't love Rosaline? and then they fight over whether she's the most wonderful or not. the King asks Berowne what they should do and he basically tells them that the study of love is the best there is and they should go for it. they resolve to follow their hearts and win the girls!

my main question is: why does the King ask Berowne? isn't he the King?

i am dying to see this scene played out when Berowne calls out the King and then gets called out himself! ahahaha! stellar!

i have 2 rehearsals tonight so i have to wrap this up! im really hoping the last act was as much fun as this one!

quote of the day:
'never durst poet touch a pen to writ
until his ink were tempered with Love's sighs.'
-Berowne; act 4, scene 3

for tomorrow: act 5, scene 1


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